ClimbTech EVO Anchor

EVO Anchor Custom Solution

3/16″ Steel plate with a 8-1/2 ft. cable attached to a swiveling D-ring. Drops through opening in any 1 -3/4”-2” opening in substrate that can support fall protection requirements. To be used as an 5,000 lb. overhead anchor. Custom length cables and plates available.

ClimbTech MegaSwivel Hybrid

MegaSwivel Hybrid Custom Solution

A client in the Iron and Steel Industry approached ClimbTech with a concrete block lifting challenge requiring high-precision and no impact. The standard procedure – drill, rig & lift – was out of the question because drilling holes would contaminate their factory with dust. ClimbTech engineers designed a custom MegaSwivel Hybrid anchor to fit the pre-existing holes in their blocks. No drilling required.

ClimbTech Toggle Anchor

Toggle Anchor Custom Solution

The ClimbTech Toggle is an example of an anchor that can be scaled to meet clients’ needs. Say you need to lift pre-formed concrete with pre-formed holes larger than our conventional 3/4″ Toggle will accomodate, ClimbTech can produce anchors with custom dimensions.

ClimbTech MegaSwivel Clamp

MegaSwivel Clamp Custom Solution

Whether installing pre-fabricated materials or performing maintenance on an existing structure, some projects require workers leave no trace. But how do you work at height if you cannot weld on or screw in fall protection anchors? ClimbTech designs custom anchor mounts on demand such as this clamp application featuring a Mega Swivel with a weld-on-puck.

ClimbTech Rooftop Wall Anchor

Rooftop Wall Anchor Custom Solution

On a rooftop job, a contractor ordered his crew to halt work when he noticed their fall protection anchors were unsuitable for the architecture – a potentially fatal mistake.

Before work could be resumed, the contractor needed to find an anchor that could be mounted safely to a parapet. ClimbTech quickly produced a square steel tube mounted megaswivel anchor that fit the bill.

ClimbTech Drop Through Anchor

Drop Through Anchor Custom Solution

A downtown hotel needed to replace nearly 1,000 panes of balcony glass. But where would workers secure their fall protection anchors in a completed hotel? ClimbTech designed a drop through anchor, a cost-efficient solution with minimal impact to the hotel structure.

ClimbTech Special Edition RB

Kinder Edition RB

This custom Removable Bolt anchor, made for professional climber Joe Kinder, features a branded bolt sheath and grooved spoons for increased contact despite grit and moisture.